I was SO exited when CorelDraw 2019 for Mac was Released. I was finally going to get rid of that Windows OS that I only use for Corel. And I was finally going to get rid of Parallels too since I did not need windows anymore. 
So I immediately downloaded the software and then the issues and dissatisfactions came....
1) No upgrade option. NO, there is no upgrade option if you already own Corel draw for windows. So now you have to pay the full amount for this software. COREL, COME ON GUYS!!!!!!!!! 
2) After trying the software I found the first MAJOR issue (at least to me) and CorelDRAW tech support CAN'T figure it out. How to import a WORKSPACE. I ask tech support and the way they say to do it does not work. I've tried it multiple ways and nothing. Ok, maybe that's not a huge problem, I can redo my workspace and setup the options to work the way I want them to. No biggie right? WRONG!!! that leads to #3
3) Now I could be wrong, I really can but I've looked and looked and gone into different options within CorelDRAW preference AND I still CAN'T find the CUSTOMIZATION section of CorelDRAW for Mac. On the windows side I can make my own shortcuts, settings of what keyboard keys to use to do what.... you know, setting up the tools so that one can work smoothly and quicker. Yeah, that doesn't exist in Corel for Mac...Again I could be wrong..... I am HOPING someone can prove me wrong. 
4) This CorelDRAW version is slower (at least to me) than the windows version. I run windows 10 in parallel with everything split down the middle in reference to CPU and Memory. If you use parallels you understand what I am referring to. CorelDRAW in virtual windows runs faster. SO I said, well maybe its because I am running windows and windows may be taking away from the CPU and Memory of the Mac. So I completely close parallels and still CorelDRAW doesn't operate as fast as the windows side. Again this may just be me. 
5)  Where is the menu bar with the quick open, import, export, etc????? I understand that windows is a different platform completely from Mac but heck I would think they can add this feature since they added other shortcuts on the top menu. 
At the end of it all for the price CorelDRAW sells this it should be 100% match to the windows side. As of now it's like 75% match. This new version of Corel draw is missing several things and feels washed down. It feels that it was made just to attract Mac users to buy your product. 
There are so many things wrong with this system yet CorelDRAW is selling it. It’s like selling a new car with missing parts just because the manufacturer wants to show off a new car. 
It’s pathetic!!! 
Can anyone else chime in? Maybe I am incorrect on the above? 
  • I do understand that there was much labor invested to create this Mac-Version, and that they want to make some money with it.

    And I understand, it might be a "new" / adapted product, which does not yet run as wished.

    But especially under those circumstances, not yet running perfectly, they should have offered a sound licensing model.
    And with those shortcomings, I guess the only fair way would be a cross platform license. So one could jump back and forward, and migrated more and more, the more the bugs are worked out. And if something would not work on the new (Mac) Version, one could get at least the job done with the Windows Version.
    Or at least offer the multi-platform version at a heavily discounted price.
    But charging loyal customers, whom they already got money from, the same as people who never supported them. That is not good. (So yes, I think they really screwed it up with licensing.)

  • I do understand that there was much labor invested to create this Mac-Version, and that they want to make some money with it.

    AGREE.  But what I don't agree with, is Corel even doing this.  It has wreaked havoc For CorelDraw now.  ALL THEIR ENERGY NEEDS TO STAY WITH THE WINDOWS CORELDRAW!  It's sheer lunacy to even develop CorelDraw for the Mac users...they ALL USE ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR except for the few here with this lousy version of 2019 for you...good luck getting anything done with the WORST VERSION OF CORELDRAW IN HISTORY!