Color management issues 2019

Ok some of you are having issues and I am not so I prepared some captures of Windows color management settings, CorelDRAW default application settings and CorelDRAW document settings.

Unfortunately using some settings in the past may have created a situation where the files view in 2019 incorrectly no matter what you do so.  My suggestion is to set Windows color management settings and then reboot the machine, the set CorelDRAW and Photo-PAINT color management settings.


When using edit bitmap in CorelDRAW to edit an image before choosing edit bitmap make sure you have saved your working CorelDRAW file and HAVE EMBEDDED THE ICC PROFILE!  Other wise PP has no idea what profile to use and will default to the default PP color management settings.

Create a document using the new document dialog in CD it should follow the application default setting if not make sure the color management settings match the application settings ad something, name, save and EMBEDD THE ICC PROFILE.

Check your previews and how the file opens. Check an old file that previewed incorrectly and let me know please.