Corel or Maybe Computer Slowing? I Cant Tell...

So I've been having a lot of slow down issues lately. Mainly its with bigger files which is expected but I updated an old file I worked on about a year ago and I had huge issues with slow processing which I didn't have before with the same file. It was a grueling 4 hour excursion to just to adjust a few colors and change a few of the texts and effects.

Some things to note:

  • This is the same computer/ machine used before.
  • The file isn't the exact same file. I duplicated the file and made relatively minor changes to the existing design.
  • I think I used X8 before and not 2019 as I am now. I'm failing to remember exactly when the switch was tbh so its 50/50 that I was using X8 at the time of the original or not. I've heard 1209 is unreliable so I'm wondering if that's a big factor in this or not.
  • The RAM usage is pretty high when working on big files or even sometimes just in general. But basic, smaller, or simpler files seem to process just fine. It doesn't seem to go above the high 80% margin on task manager.
  • The DISK usage will spike to the high 90% margin during some actions, but this is generally rare. Usually when I'm saving and working on the file I think?

We've basically doubled our work load and this is our busiest time of year on top of that so this slow down is extremely intrusive; especially since half of the jobs are these big files with multiple versions of the design. So many pages of huge files with effects and what not. I'm going to try uninstalling and reinstalling Corel and see if that has a big effect on processing. I'll probably try to experiment with different versions too to try to figure out what's happening. My boss said he'd just buy a new machine with better specs so its not a problem, but if its the program that's not gonna help. Its been hard finding the time to test or diagnose anything right now that right now so I thought Id ask the community for some thoughts/ advice on the situation.