Poor performance

Hello, so i've been using CorelDRAW for the latest months, after a long time of not using older versions of it, so i've got the last version, and it seems to run pretty slow, and laggy on my system (i7 2600K 4,5GHz, 16GB of RAM)

I'm working with a couple of big files, and once the history list piles up a few hundreds of steps it gets insanely slow every time i pop it up, so it's basically impossible to work with the history tab permanently opened as i slows every action i do, even the lightest task takes 5-10 seconds from when i give the input to when it's completed. 

I've investigated a bit and although the CPU usage stays pretty low during these events, the usage of one of the threads (my processor has 8 threads) spikes to 100, and stays above 90% for the entire duration of those 5-10 seconds, to then go back to 10-20% staying idle until i make another action, and it all repeats. So unless there's some option to change or some patch or something to apply, i'd say this is probably the LEAST multicore supporting piece of software i've ever used. Anyway i'm using the 64bit version as my system is 64bit and my hardware supports 64bit architecture.

Any idea on the matter?

  • I see many of you have had issues with CorelDraw 2019 slowing their PC down tremendously to the point it takes several minutes to open a folder. Well I had the same problem and this is how I solved the problem. We bought two copies, one for myself and one for my co-worker. I did my install first so I chose "Custom Install" instead of "Typical Install" just so I could see what was being installed BUT I didn't make any changes then proceeded with the install. I then helped my co-working with their install so I had them just run the typical install and their install turned out fine with no issues SO I un-installed mine and started over using the "Typical Install" and all is good with no issues. So Corel needs to look into the custom install and find out what is fowling things up.

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