Re-creating Photoshop effects in CorelDraw

Hello all,

Looking for a specific effect related answer here.  I'll try to explain what I'd like to do the best I can.  I've also attached a quick (low res) test layout that I've done in Corel, the MediaMan logo is what I'd like to apply the effect to, read on for particulars.

So, I work in the large format print industry and I often design vehicle wraps for clients.  Until recently I had been using 2D vehicle templates, that you can purchase and download from a variety of sites online, in order to design proofs and ultimately print the finished, scaled artwork.

Recently, however, I watched a specific video tutorial on youtube which I will link ( and I've decided to up my design game as I feel like these style of layouts are far more visually appealing and ultimately easier to sell the client on than the 2D designs.

I've figured out how to do most of what the tutorial shows, using power clips and transparency merge modes, but there is one thing in particular that I struggle to do and that is the grunge erase brush technique that she begins to show around 43:30 in the tutorial.

I'm alright with work arounds as I don't think that Draw has the extensive brush capabilities that photoshop has.  Maybe the solution is a combination of photo-paint and draw, I haven't tried that yet as I've been trying to keep the solution solely within Draw.

So basically, I want to be able to erase sections of a graphic with a grunge style brush.  I was initially thinking, import a grunge vector and then trim sections from the graphic but the grunge textures can often be complex and so can the graphics that I'd like to use this technique on so I'm worried about the "too complex" error as well as just straight up crashing.

Can anyone think of some alternative solutions to achieve this effect?

Much appreciated.


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  • So, using the abr viewer method to open abr brushes and then export them as thumbnails (png files), I then open each png in photo-paint and create a mask from object.  I then select the brush tool to open the brush settings docker, select "Nib Options", and then "Create from contents of mask".  This creates the brush.  It did not appear to matter what folder the png was in to do this process, I had them in a folder that I created on my desktop.

    From there I go back to my wrap design in draw and in this example I create a duplicate of the MediaMan graphic in case I want to edit it further later.  I then convert it to a bitmap and simply right click and "edit bitmap"  That brings it into photo-paint where I can select the eraser tool and choose any of the new grunge brushes that i made.  When I'm done erasing I just save and "Finish Editing" and it takes me back to Draw.

    Fairly painless process so until Draw gets more support for brushes, this is the method I'll use.

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