importation isn't one-to-one with source jpeg size

This is crazy....I have a jpeg which I can right-click and look at its Properties, and see that its height is 1080px and its width is 1088, maintained in aspect ratio with 1920x1080. All good. So I open corel 2019 and set the canvas to be 1920x1080 and import the jpeg either directly, or by using "resample and load". Either way, the jpeg is plopped on my screen in gigantic form. When selected, I can go to the "Object" dropdown box and select "Properties". I'm given a docked box at right called "Properties" and it says exactly what it's suppose to.....1088x1080px. But here's the thing....the dimensions of the selected jpeg on the Property Bar are 4,533px x 4,500px !!! Why do my 1088x1080 jpegs import in gigantic size that dwarfs the canvas size?

Thanks in advance

  • CorelDRAW "thinks" in real units of distance (e.g., inches, millimeters, etc.). When you set the units to "pixels", you are working with a unit that is equal to (1/ rendering resolution in dots per inch) inches. The rendering resolution is a CorelDRAW document setting.

    If the rendering resolution is 300 dpi, then a pixel is 1/300 inch.

    If the rendering resolution is 72 dpi, then a pixel is 1/72 inch.

    ...and so on.

    An image can have information stored in it specifying a dpi for the image (and thus a size in real-world distance units). CorelDRAW can set the size of the image based on that.

    If you have an image that is 1088 x 1080 pixels (width x height), and it carries information that specifies that it is 72 dpi, then CorelDRAW will consider that to be:

    1088/72 = 15.111 inches width

    1080/72 = 15 inches height

    If I drop such an image into CorelDRAW, then it reports on the Property Bar as being 15.111 x 15 inches (if I'm working in inches).

    If I change the units in CorelDRAW to pixels, then reported size will depend on the rendering resolution. If the rendering resolution is 300 dpi, then 15.111 inches x 15 inches becomes 4533.3 x 4500 pixels. Do those numbers look familiar?

    If I'm looking at Object Information on the Status Bar, then it tells me that the bitmap is - at that size - 72 dpi.

    If I scale that bitmap down in CorelDRAW to 3.627 x 3.600 inches, then Object Information tells me that the bitmap is - at that size - 300 dpi.