Converting photo for laser engraving

Hi can anyone please tell me where I am going wrong,

i started out being able to get a good quality photo for

engraving as you can see on the picture on the right

but I think ive altered something as now the small pixels

 have changed & the quality is terrible,TIA

  • Looks like you have converted the bitmap to monochrome (black and white) with a very low (48 dpi) resolution.
    Maybe that was intentional but no matter what, it will look awful on screen.

    Don't know what it takes to use a bitmap for laser engraving but I suspect that the resolution has to be a lot higher.
    Maybe you could use another conversion method to get a better halftone representation?
    There are seven different options when changing bitmap to black and white (Bitmaps > Mode > Black and White): Line art, Ordered, Jarvis, Stucki, Floyd-Steinberg, Halftone and Cardinality-Distribution.