todays work

This is part of a large trade show booth.  ALL COPY must print at photographic resolution at 2 feet viewing.  The image I'm showing is a low res small JPG, output image is 70.6 x 17.821 power clipped into 17.5625 squares printed, laminated and mounted. 

The booth will have 68 small boards and 6 - 52,68 x 17.5625 boards.

All done in CorelDRAW and Photo-PAINT 2019.  Zoom in and you'll see the red squares which show the board breaks.


  • Ok an update on how this worked for me using update 3. 

    Working with wireframe and power clips was sluggish compared to 2018, better then update 2 but not as good as it should be. 

    I had document resolution set to 200 DPI and enhanced view was snappy. 

    Editing the transparency was smooth and snappy.  However using LAB curves was a disaster as the tone curve eyedropper is still severely broken and the tone curve dialog is so huge you can barely see the image. Luckily they did not turn on bilinear interpolation zooming because as it nearly always is now purchased images are BAD and this one was no exception.