AI files in CorelDRAW

A heads up for CorelDRAW 1029 users importing AI CC 2019 files that include images with transparency and or clipping paths. I had such a file and when importing the PDF and the AI file into CorelDRAW 2019 I got the usual issues of layering and clipped objects showing up.

With both versions of AI and CD being new I went on a fishing trip to see if I could tell what was up.  Acrobat did display the file correctly. As it turns out I could not figure out what was up. 

All I can say is the AI PDF file directly imported into 5 different RIPS each time failed to output correctly.  4 RIPS created an improper display and output incorrectly, 1 RIP created a proper display and output incorrectly.  All of these RIPS are professional lever some costing $70,000 U.S..

To make the file output directly from the Ai PDSF it had to be rasterized, I could get it to output if I imported into CorelDRAW 2019 and corrected the file and created a PDF from CorelDRAW.