I have a corrupt filel.  it was working fine earlier today and now it's corrupt. Can someone help me?  This had a lot of work in it.

spm pylon

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  • I have a similar issue with many files I create in CorelDraw 2019. If I save a file with a single layer and that layer has multiple objects grouped in a single group the file will not open without hanging up CorelDraw. This only happens in Windows 10 with the latest updates as far as I can tell. Didn't happen until I did updates recently.

    I have found a couple workarounds:

    1.) Set the program (CorelDRW.exe) to open in compatibility mode for Windows 8. - Open your document. -  Then either ungroup the main group or add a layer or an element outside the main group. - Resave the file and turn compatibility mode off. The file should then be good when opening normally.

    2.) Open CorelDraw - Create a new document - Add a new layer (now a 2-layer document) - drag your file from File Explorer into the newly created document. - should be good to resave. (This method you don't have to use compatibility mode.)

    Anyhow, now I always create a second layer with any new document I'm working on and haven't had this issue since.

    Hope this helps.

    --- I just opened the file you linked using method 2 above. There were many fonts that I don't have installed, but I was able to open and view the file.

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