Corel 2019 keeps crashing - generic answer from corel support did not solve - version 2018 works fine

Corel Draw 2019 keeps crashing - even when not in use !!!

Its open… nothing is happening and it crashes… crashes on printing… crashes on publiposting...crashes when writting….it just closes unexpectedly at any moment

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  • I am almost wondering if having a prior version of CorelDraw i.e. X7 (old Font Navigator) or v2017 (new Font Manager) is causing some sort of conflict...  specifically the font managers?

    I have installed v2019 with update 3 on a system that used to have v2017, but uninstalled v2017 completely and used CCleaner to remove any extra stuff left behind.  So not quite a virgin system, but v2019 only now.  It hasn't been crashing like it was prior to update 3.  Started the Font Manager over again to start fresh.

    It may also have something to do with corel activation / trial programs in the background also when using a firewall to block communication.

    And, no, hell no, I would never resort to creating a NEW Windows 10 Pro user account and starting over with EVERYTHING.  (one of Corel's suggestions).