Complete confusion - Aftershot 3 HDR bundled with CDGS 2019

If there is a more appropriate place to ask this question, please let me know.

I'm learning how to make HDR images, where your camera automatically takes several photos at different exposure levels (Automatic Exposure Bracketing or AEB) then software "blends" them together to give the final image.

I was happy to find AFTERSHOT 3 HDR comes with CDGS 2019, so downloaded and installed it.

Now notice the "HDR" in the name. I assume this means the software has HDR processing abilities without upgrading to the Pro version ???????

However, I get an "update is available" but it's trying to update from AFTERSHOT 3 HDR to AFTERSHOT 3  !!!!!! and says I need to un-install AFTERSHOT 3 HDR in order to install AFTERSHOT 3. Sounds to me like a downgrade, not an update ???

To further confuse matters I checked out a Youtube video by, comparing the AFTERSHOT 3 HDR to the PRO version and it says only the PRO version has the "HDR MODULE". Then why is "HDR" in the name of the standard AFTERSHOT 3 HDR.

This is all very confusing. Does anyone have any clarity on the above.