No Customer Support from Corel

I have had the "PAGES CHANGING PLACES" issue (among a few other bugs) since I purchased CorelDraw 2019 during Corel's big sales push to purchase the new and best software for designers.

I sent a request for help with the "PAGES CHANGING PLACES" issue, and was even able to recreate to problem, sending them all the CDR files, hoping they could see the problem, find what was causing it, and help me with fixing the software I purchased from them. Since this issue is a major problem when working on multiple projects with well over 25 pages each. (imagine having to reset you page structure every time you open your file, and multiple times while you are working on the file, just so you don't look incompetent to your clients, and send them a proof with the pages out of order.

But instead all I got (from the overseas answering service) was being instructed to shell out more money to CorelDraw Corp. and purchase the 2020 version, (I requested a refund for my 2019 version which is less than a year old, since it didn't work as advertised, and I would then purchase the 2020 version, basically I was instructed that this was not an option).

And now my 2019 version keeps showing the POP-UP to purchase the 2020 version.

Sad to say after many years working with CorelDraw's Design software, and hyping it to my fellow artist/designers as superior product to their competition, times have changed and we will be moving all of our design projects to Adobe software.

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