CD 2019 "maintenance" in Windows 10

A previous questioner asked if he was "stuck with 2019" forever.

The answer to that is nuanced, in my view.  Like me, you may not be stuck with it.

A while back CD2019 stopped working on my updated Win10 system.   It wasn't obvious why.  So I decided to refresh, then uninstall and reinstall the program.  Well - wouldn't you know it - I had multiple installation failures despite trying every trick in the book and reviewing manyforums.  I even installed trial versions of CD 2020 and 2021, both of which installed and worked quite correctly.

I think had a long battle with CD support, who seemed nice but were in fact quite useless.  Eventually they just blamed it on Microsoft.

Today I found the comment on a CD site:  "   Generally speaking, most software applications built for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 are expected to be compatible with future versions of Windows 10. However, for an optimal experience and to receive technical support for your Corel product, please note that the software must be running on one of the specific versions of Windows it has been developed for.

When installed on Windows 10, Corel software products are officially compatible and supported on the version of Windows 10 available at the time of its release, as well as the previous version of Windows 10 available prior to its introduction. Corel also commits to ensuring compatibility with any new Windows 10 versions released during the product’s lifecycle."

Basically, what this means is that if Microsoft does something to windows, and a program stops working for any reason, the user just has to suck it up.  And it seems that indeed Microsoft has done something and installing CD 2019 fails, and Corel doesn't care about it.  No mind that they could for zero cost just give me a license to, for example, the 2020 version and retain a customer that has been with them for >20 years.

So the correct inference to the original question I referred to above is likely you will not be stuck with CD 2019 forever.  It will suddenly stop working.


Just to complete my discussion/complaint:  The installation failed with two error messages at differnt time  (I imagine it is the same error, though).  One said that Administrative privileges were not allowed for this installation (or something like that) [although my account has admin privileges, and I actually activated the 'super-Admin' account to try and the same error message was generated], and with a second error message "unknown error" (although the Windows event logs say that the installation was successfully completed).  I would call myself a moderately sophisticated user and this is all beyond me - though I have several hundred other programs  (I know, too too many) installed and I've never ever had this problem before!  And I find it interesting that the more recent versions install correctly - surely a competent programmer could figure out what subtle change he/she/they had instituted in the installation routines and fix it with an update?   Of course Corel would much prefer that one spends more money...