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CorelDraw Upgrade Pop-up

How do you stop the pop-up of upgrading from 2019 to 2020?  This thing keeps popping up on my computers 4-5 times a day.  If I want to upgrade to it, I will. But being reminded constantly and it taking forever to close is ridiculous. 

  • I posted a similar question. So, here's what I did this morning. What's causing this is an App called, it's located in your preferences. 


    Since Corel wants to be jerks about this stuff, I'm going to take the brute force method and simply deny access to things via gatekeeper.

    In terminal do this:

    sudo spctl --add --label "DeniedApps" /Users/<username goes here>/Library/Preferences/com.corel.CUH.update/2.484/com.corel.CUH/ 

    sudo spctl --disable --label "DeniedApps" 

    You don't have to label it, you can just deny access, but by labeling it, you can always reenable it if needed. 

    Corel, if you're listening... Stop this bad behavior!