Export Corel draw 2020 to x16 does Not work

Hey guys, I sometimes have problems with my Corel Draw 2020 Mac OS version. A colleague of mine uses the Corel Draw x16 version. If I send him a saved file as x16, he cannot open it. I save it to x16 Corel ask me 2 question, but no matter what I choose there, it can not be opened with it. It is always not open file. What am I doing wrong"

  • What is happening when the colleague tries opening the CDR file you provided? Is he selecting the file and it fails to import? Is it possible you gave the colleague the file stored on a disc or memory stick formatted for Mac OSX? Does that Mac version of CorelDRAW make any mention of saving CDR files for use on Windows PCs? I would think the file format would be "platform agnostic" but then again I don't know. Are you using any features or effects in the CorelDRAW artwork that is not supported in CorelDRAW X6? If that's not the issue then I would consider saving down to another version like X5 or X3 to see if that works.