Stability of CorelDRAW 2023

Program crashes unexpectedly while performing various tasks (e.g., saving, printing, copying, pasting, etc., etc.). So far no tweaks suggested by Corel tech support over the last 3 months have resolved the problem. I exclusively use CorelDRAW to make life/safety diagrams of medical facilities. Typical workflow is to import PDF of existing diagram, ungroup, edit, save, and export new diagram to PDF for distribution.  I am an experienced CDGS user, and am using a new Dell computer (plenty of RAM, good GPU, Windows 11, and all the software is up to date. Crashes less often when I perform my edits at a snail’s pace, but even then it crashes unexpectedly…seems like the program is having a problem managing multi-tasks. I’m sure that other CorelDRAW users have experienced this problem and hopefully found a solution. I joined the CorelDRAW community to find a solution. HELP!