Storage and access on the go.

I've ask this a couple years ago and started to use the Corel cloud storage. However its just not what I need. I am owner operator / Everything Screen Printer. So there are times its easier to meet a client and do some art work together or make a change on the road. What are some better options that ALL my files can be saved to and use them from that storage only so I don't have to fumble with flash drives. And is there a CDR app that's decent for view or making small changes from my Android as well. Plus being on the road and keeping track of my million dollar flash drive is a task in its self. We all know what that feeling is if we leave the flash drive in the biz computer and get to a client with the laptop and the flash drive is missing. LOL

So in short, what's out there to store all my files on with the Corel Program? and how much storage should I buy.

I know enough about cloud storage to be dangerous.. LOL