Create seven 40 page booklets from a 280 paged PDF book

I am very new to CorelDraw. I have dabbled a bit in it and I think I can handle it given small guidance. I have written a 280 pdf book. When I print the whole book, it becomes difficult to read pages farther from the middle. A solution is to convert the book into booklets, print them and arrange the individual booklets beside each other to form a book. I want at tutorial that explains thoroughly how to do that. I have read a bit on something called Printer Spreads and Reader Spreads but I don't know how to go about doing this. Thanks in advance.

  • It sounds like you are having a problem with 'shingling' on a stapled booklet.

    To make several 40 page books, go to print preview, choose 'booklet' from the bottom dropdown, then on the right side, type in 40 where I have 8. That will print booklets in 40 page groupings.

    How are you printing this? If you are sending it to a printer your self, at work or home, have you tried just sending page 1-40, then pages 41-80? and so on?

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