Can's Save .JPG in Photo-Paint

I have a fairly new Windows 10 laptop. I couldn't use my old version of the Corel Graphics Suite (X3), so I bit the bullet and purchased the new Graphics Suite 2017 upgrade. It worked fine for a few days. Then all of a sudden, every time I tried to save a graphic as a .jpg, the program started crashing. I have tried doing a lot of research on this, and have seen claims that Windows .NET Frame 4.7 is the problem, but because of the the newness of this laptop, I cannot remove the 4.7 version to put on the 4.6 version that apparently worked. Today I applied a Corel update to my program, and the Photo Paint version is I was hoping that would solve the problem, but it didn't. I can save an image as other things (.cpt, .bmp, etc), but I really need to be able to do .jpg. Does Corel have a solution for this? I really hate that I paid A LOT of money for a new version of this program that I can't even use. Please help.