Can I work with mockups like this in PHOTO-PAINT 2017?

From time to time I'm asked to create logos and I do it using CorelDRAW. But when I present them to my clients I do it only the old 2D way.

I would like to go beyond that and start to use those nice, sophisticated mockups with which one can apply logos to different surfaces, like business cards, walls, etc.

I found this tutorial where the guy uses Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and talks about "Smart objects" while dealing with mockup layers and stuff.

How to present your logo with mockup. Adobe Photoshop tutorial

If I get those tutorial files, is it possible to get the same results using PP '17? If possible, how? Are there "Smart objects" equivalents in it?

FYI I'm a newbie to this program. I use DRAW most of the time and PP only occasionally for simple tasks. I tried to find clues from the tutorials available through PP's welcome screen TNA. TIA.