Install CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4 on Windows 10 Fresh Install

Install CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4 on Windows 10

When attempting to install CorelDraw X4 on a fresh copy of windows 10 I was greeted with the follow error message.

I immediately searched online for a solution and had no luck finding one. I knew CorelDraw would run on Windows 10 because when I upgraded my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 CorelDraw worked (except for a menu color problem). I started playing around and was able to manually install CorelDraw by copying files and registry settings from and windows 7 install to Windows 10 computer. I found that to be a very difficult process so I kept trying and eventually found an easier way to install CorelDraw.

I have only tested this on two computers so let me know if this works for you.

Installing CorelDraw X4 on Windows 10 will break your start menu. See post #2 before starting.

Please use this guide at your own risk! Thank You

Install Process

Step 1: Copy the contents of your install DVD to a new folder on your computer.

Step 2: Browse to the “Setup” folder in the newly copied install files.

Step 3: Open Setup.XML with Notepad

Step 4: Change the highlighted line of code from “Setup.msi” to “Setup123.msi”

Step 5: Save and close the XML file.

Step 6: Browse to the “CGS14” folder located inside the “Setup” directory and rename the “setup.msi” file to “setup123.msi”


Step 7: Go ahead a launch autorun.exe located in the root of your copied install file. You should now be able to install CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4 on your windows 10 computer.


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  • I have tried this with corel X4. Solution works partially, because it brokes all other user accounts and gives "Explorer.exe "No such interface supported"" message Error, when trying to use explorer. Adding "All Application Packages" with Read permission in HKCR works only for account with adminitrator rights. Menu start also is not working in other user accounts. It looks like Corel X4 installation is seriously messing up with registry and system files and it is dangerous to install.
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