How to select all Objects of a Specific Color Only?

Can CorelDraw X4 select a specific color only?  Lets say I have a complex graphic with more than 50 or more colors and thousands of objects all on one layer, for example, is there a way to select one color, like Pantone 175C, but select all of the same objects that are Pantone 175C, and group them to change them all to a different color, like Pantone 478C. 

Any hints, this is easily done in Gerber software.  Thanks~~Mahogan

  • Select your artwork and drag and drop in the Color Styles docker, all the colors in your design will appear there; now Shift-click any color in the Pantone palette, and type 478 and click Ok, the Pantone 478 will be hilighted in the palette. Grab the 478C from the palette and drop it on top of the 175C in the color styles docker and all the instances of 175c will be automatically replaced with 478C, even those used in gradients.

    It's magicWink

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