How Do I Extract Vector Outline From This Bitmap Image

I'd like to get the outline of this pattern as a vector and then resize to the size  I want. I've imported bitmap and tried 3 forms of tracing, not satisfactory. I'm a complete beginner with X5, this is the only task I want to use X5 for at the moment. I just want to get up to steam as quickly as possible and get this this done as soon as I can. I don't want to spend ages and ages going into X5.

I have, The Official Guide to CorelDraw X5, again I don't want to spend ages wading through it to find out just the bare bones of what I need to do,to do the task I wish to complete at the moment.

I had a look at YouTube on PowerTrace I saw one video,  How to extract the outline of a photo in Corel Draw

Here you will learn how to use Corel Photopaint Cut Out Lab and the bezier tool in Corel Draw to trace an image. " I'm familiar, a little with the bezier tool.

I'm wondering should I try this method? Or is there another more straightforward way to vecor the pattern I want?

I'd be really grateful for any tips etc to point me in the right direction to get this done.



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