Windows 10 and Corel X5, menu bar problems

Common problem with white text on white background for top menu bar. I created a new menu bar with all of the commands but can't find the "bitmaps" drop down menu.

  • Same here. Can't find the Bitmaps drop down anywhere at all in X4 when trying to set up a new menu bar windows 10 fix.

  • I set up a new command bar (floating bar) and dragged all of the header commands desired in from the "Tools" - "Customization" dialog box.

    At the top of the command list in the dialog box select "All, Show All Items".

    Drag the commands you want (with a little triangle to the left of the command) from the dialog box to the new command bar. I duplicated the ones from the default command bar above (Corel default);   File  Edit ...

    Everything is there except that "Bitmaps command". I was able to drag it down from the top Corel default bar (but none of the others). It went to the new menu bar but disappeared from the Corel default. But not to worry, I went top the original Corel bar and did, "Reset" and it came back.

    I was able to turn off "High Contrast" in Win 10 Personalization. Back to normal. You can also drag the new menu bar (floating bar) into one of the slots at the top by the original one. This gets it out of the working area.