Photo Paint 6x - brush tool not aligned

I have seen this problem asked in the forum by another user but no solution given.  I have a big problem with the brush tool, and clone as well, being offset from where I am trying to select.  As mentioned in a previous unanswered post;  "there is a shift of the pointer position before and after the mouse click. If I select a brush for example, as soon as I click, the pointer shifts towards the bottom right of my screen, and then a straight line connecting the pointer position before and after click is automatically drawn. This shift is larger and larger when the pointer position goes from the top left towards the bottom right of the screen. It is of the order of a few centimeters. Most of the photopaint tools are unusable. "  I am having the same problem and the tools are unusable.  My updates are current (PP 6.4) in Windows 8.1 on an HP i7 computer.  I have re-installed the program and re-set the workspace with no improvement.  HELP!