Hi I have recently purchased and installed Corel's new graphic suite x6. I have a couple of issues with the program. The first one is I cannot aquire images from my scanner. I have used it with the x4 program with no problems. When I go into corel x6 to aquire the option to select a source and aquire from the fly out tab are not accessable.Sad Not sure why this is  not allowing me to access this since I know the scanner is compatible with my 64 but pc and I have the 64bit x6 installed. Also if I am making a logo which has just text and I save it I can save and open the logo and also preview it in the open window. However when I go to print the text that I opened there is nothing on my printer preview screen and it will not print.Huh? I checked the layers on my manager box  to see if they are all visible and they are but still nothing when I try to pirnt the logo. If anyone can help me with either of these issues it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much and have a great dayBig Smile  

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  • I have a support case open regarding this issue, I have an Epson Artisan 835 that prints fine but I am not able to scan with it using X6 64-bit.

    I have been advised that it is a bug and has been reported.

    Part of the reply to me from Corel Support.

    "A similar scanner, the Epson Perfection 300, is installed on our Lenovo test machine, also with the latest driver and scanner software. Please be informed that this is a bug and has been reported. Please visit our website regularly for latest updates."
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