Corel Price is a fraud in india

Hi guys,

I check offical corel x6 suite price on amazon which is $80 for 3 users which technically means - Rs 4000

The same in India is at Rs 1,20,000 as informed by the corel guys to me. Whats going on ?

You think indian design people are too rich or you guys are working in an arm twisting business as you know corel is the need of business in india so lets LOOT them ?

This is extremely ridiculous of you guys to first threaten that people are using unoffical softwares and then ask them to buy at 300 times the price you sell it in other countries !!!

If there is someone more responsible in your organisation to answer this please come ahead and solve this issue. If you hike the price of your software by 300 times no one is going to purchase it. You want people to work legally then please make it affordable. You can double the price or triple it. But 300 times ?


  • Don't know where you got these prices from (you mentioned Amazon) but there must be some kind of misunderstanding.

    It is a fact that the suite is cheaper in the USA than in many other countries, and the difference can also be much bigger than expected, but I doubt your figures are correct.
    $80 sounds wrong first of all. If you are talking about a full license it should be nearly $500 in the USA.
    Looking at the Indian version of, it says that the suite costs Rs 48,000 + tax, and that is somewhere between $800 and 900 + tax, which sounds more reasonable (even though I do think the difference is still too big).

    Or am I wrong?

    FYI, according to the price tags on Corel's site, the suite should cost SEK 6,995 (Swedish crowns) including tax, which is equal to a little more than $1,000. Fair prices? Tongue Tied

  • NIMIT said:

    Corel Price is a fraud in india  

    Hmm. Fraud is a strong accusation. You may want to reconsider. Looking at Amazon, the only Corel X6  price point I could locate for your quoted $80.00 price is for the Home and Student Version.

  • NIMIT said:
    offical corel x6 suite price on amazon which is $80 for 3 users

    I think you must be looking at the Home and Student version, which has reduced functionality and cannot legally be used for commercial purposes. The USA price for the full X6 (on the USA says $479.00 as a special offer (normally $499).

    It will still be substantially more in India than in USA (it is also substantially more throughout Europe) but Amazon's prices usually are better than Corel's. To be safe, make sure you're buying from Amazon itself (it will say so in the description) and not a third party seller that might be selling fakes.

  • Hi, I got a call from  for legal compliance. they said I have to pay 120000 for Corel graphic suite. But I don't even use their software I'm different domain. 

  • This is an old question that comes up every few years. From past understanding when you purchase CorelDraw in india, your country has huge taxes on the software. I also understand the purchase includes premium support for a few years from a  legit local distributor whom also spends lots of time and effort learning and then providing the support.>?

    Not saying I agree with anything but I think that is what is going on, it''s not a Corel thing.