Need support as soon as possible regarding Printing Corel 2021 file to V-460 system and getting various results (using Win 10 computer)

Several questions that I would greatly appreciate help and support on.

1. Can we open and run software Corel 2021 without connecting to the Internet? We have firewalls etc that block this production PC from getting on Internet and then won't open program successfully. Any work arounds. We obviously bought licenses, 

2. Using Windows 10 and parallel/USB port technology we encounter the following when we go to print very simple Laser file to Laser V-460 system:

Quite often (while Program is NOT Opened) we select the file and then right click file and select PRINT we get several scenarios:

 NOTE: When a successfully PRINT to the Laser occurs the file Drawing opens up quickly then disappears.

> File does not PRINT and it requires selecting the file again to PRINT

> File does not PRINT; therefore, requires closing out the FOLDER and re-opening the FOLDER. Then repeat steps…right click file and select PRINT.

NOTE: Time it takes to PRINT the file varies. Not always immediate. Is this Windows 10 related or USB-Parallel cable related? Previous Windows 7 (X3 version) was quite quick.

> Software opens with no drawing file and it just hangs there. Requires closing out the Program as well as the FOLDER and repeating steps mentioned above.

> This is taking up too much time to just load 12 simple files so we can move forward with production.