Multiple Monitors - Resizing X7

I have been slowly working my way onto X7, and recently noticed this problem.  I do a lot off map work and have a 2x2 setup of 4 monitors over which I could "stretch" my X6 Drawing window. It saves a lot of time by not having to scroll around as often when editing.  I stretch a normal window to cover the 4 monitors, starting with the upper left corner down to the lower right.  It works great.  This also works in PhotoPaint, though I don't use it nearly as much.

Now that I have X7, I find that you can stretch a normal windows across 2 monitors (in fact, even 4 monitors) with no problem, BUT, you can only resize the window vertically to the extent of a single monitor.  

This is clearly different from X6.  Also, I find that if you use a desktop manager, you can aggregate individual monitors into a larger desktop, and in this environment you can resize Draw the full height of the virutal desktop.  

I can use the nVidia Surround option, but that causes some other issues I would like to avoid.

i7-4930, 32gb ram.  Dual GTX 760 video cards.

Suggestions welcome...