Is it possible to change the UI-font (size, color) without changing the entire theme?

Due to eye problems I need to use a lot of dark mode or equivalent at work, plus enlarged Windows-icons, etc.

Recently I tried to switch to Window's high contrast black mode, which forces a lot of my work-related programs without native dark mode to comply. Sadly it makes working with Corel nearly impossible, since HCB only changes about half the UI in CorelDRAW X7. The rest is now stuff like white text on white backgrounds. Since my company isn't willing to pay for premium membership just so I can switch to dark mode, this effectively means I'm currently constantly switching HCB on or off, depending on which program I have to work with. (Excel also gets absolutely demolished by HCB and needs babysitting like Corel).

It's kind of a shame, since Window's HCB mode works really well with almost anything else I need. Is there a way to change font colors in the CorelDRAW-UI without changing the entire theme? If I could just change the offending text in the parts of the UI only partially affected by HCB, it would spare me a lot of extra headaches.

Or alternatively, another workaround that allows switching of colors between white background and dark text without changing themes.