How to properly set up and use font manager?

Long time user of CorelDraw and have used bitstream font nav since its inception.  However I welcomed the introduction of this new font manager due to many of the features it has.  Here is my problem however...I have an extensive font collection with literally thousands of fonts as most of us in the industry do.  I keep everything in alphabetical folders following the fon't "bible" lol written by Foster Coburn. and it was always quite easy to swap in and out fonts as needed.  so here I go doing the same thing with the new font manager and loaded all my fonts from the main folder and included all subfolders but font manager just ignored the folders themselves and jammed them all together...........Not a huge deal until I need to look for a specific font and it takes forever to find so i figured I'd start over but load each folder individually so the folders are recognized in font manager...........Is this how everyone else is doing this??  Anyway, I thought everything was working fine until ofcourse I want to use a specific font that I KNOW I have in my original library but font manager cant find it.  So I go into my actual folders where they reside and sure enough the font IS there.....I go back to font manager and start looking into it deeper to discover that I only show my installed fonts and 3 of my alphabetical folders...all other folders show in font manager but when opened are apparently empty.  I should add, I have NO filters running so should be showing ALL fonts.  I've been reading about "maximum fonts" etc and problems causing font manager to crash but can't find anything specific as to how to properly set up and use the program to any kind of detail like Fosters instructions did for using Font Nav.....................any help would be greatly appreciated