Font Folder Location for X8

Where are installed fonts stored?  I have Windows 10 and Corel Draw X8.

I need to reload a pc that  I have been using and want to restore all of the fonts that  I have installed since I started  using the program. I have downloaded many  fonts from the inernet.

The last time I had  to reload another pc, I lost all of the downloaded and installed fonts that I had.  I don't want that  to happen again.

Your  help would be most appreciated.

  • Don't you know where you store the fonts on your computer?
    The fonts installed in Windows are in the Windows / Fonts folder, the others are supposed to create a folder where to put them. I have a folder called C: / Letters, if you add that folder to Corel FontManager, it will monitor that folder only, if you add a new font it will update automatically. Otherwise you will have to constantly monitor the system and that will make the program slow down.