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fit text to path - bottom of circle

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babrees Posted: Mon, Nov 26 2007 9:02

I have a circle and I want the text fitted to the bottom of it, but the right way round so you don't have to stand on your head to read it <G>

I used to do this in a very old version of coreldraw, but blowed if I can see how to do it in X3!  Somebody please enlighten me!


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It was easier in older versions of Draw. There may be a more elegant method in X3, but the brute force method is to:

1. Fit text to path.

2. Mirror the text Horizontally and Vertically.

3. Set the Horizontal Offset to push the text to the bottom of the circle.

4. Play with the Distance from Path setting to get the placement right.


That's Great!  Thank you Mark.

One would thing that upgrades would make things easier, not harder <G>


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X3 makes it so easy.

Draw a circle. Select your Artistic Text Tool and move it over the circle's perimeter. The cursor will change to an I beam with a line cutting across it accompanied by the Letter A with a curve next to it. This is your clue it is active.  Click and type. Select your Pick Tool and look for the little red diamond at the front of your text. Move the text around the circle, move it in or out from the center point.  Use the mirror and text fitting buttons at the top that appear as part of the text to path operation to get letter and word direction correct.


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Huh??? Mark are you sure that you are using X3? Fitting text to the bottom of a circle couldn't be easier! Corel has made enourmous improvements from previous versions. Just drag around the tiny red square and hit the 2 mirror buttons on your Upper Property Bar. Takes all of 2 seconds........if you're slow!
Diane Jersey Girl
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Excellent! Never noticed the red square. Like I said, there had to be a more elegant solution.

Thanks once again - that's great!  It was the mirror button that fooled me - I clicked on it and thought "EEEK"!

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Two additional things that can be worth noticing while dragging the text around:

1. Note the red snap lines. They will help you position the text correctly sideways.

2. Note that the text snaps vertically to the baseline, ascender and descender (and also to multiples of Tick Snapping in Property Bar).
Tip: While dragging text around, it is possible to lock the vertical placement by holding Shift.


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Here's how I do it -

In order to watch the short streaming video, use Internet Explorer, NOT Firefox. "Text on a path" is lesson h -



How do I do it in CorelDraw 10? I have done it easily in earlier versions, but I'm stumped on this.

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Unfortunately, I no longer have version 10 installed, but I'm sure it was very similar. Try selecting the text, choosing "Fit text to path" in the same way, then I recall you are presented with an arrow in order to select your path.

As for getting it placed at the bottom, you'll probably need to look at the icons on the property bar once you've selected the text on the path, and mirror, move, whatever.

I'm sorry that's not a lot of help, but, as I say, I no longer have version 10 to have a look at.


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pwngsd replied on Mon, Jul 21 2008 14:19


When the text is placed it is upside down.  When I mirror it horizontally the kerning stays the same; however, when I mirror it veritcally the kerning gets all screwed up.  I never had this problem with older verisions.  Am I missing something simple?


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There were always issues with kerning on text at the bottom of a path (ellipse). It may be more noticable yet I always had to adjust for many previous versions. Your not missing anything and it is more present in various font styles


As long back as i can remember, (started with version 3), the bottom text kerning has always been squished. (technical term)

Just select the text, while still attached to the path, and adjust it with the Shape tool.

Frankly, I'm amazed that you've never experienced this before.

Maybe because we can now stretch the text vertically without distortion, you're noticing it more.

In older versions, if you didn't enlarge the text in proportion, you were sunk. Vertical only stretches were out of the question.

When X3 revamped the fit text to path process, I was in heaven!!!!




Diane Jersey Girl
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pwngsd replied on Mon, Jul 21 2008 15:04


Well, I rekon I must not have done that on something as noticeable as I am doing now.

Since I posted it, I found a way to manually fix it.

I duplicated the circle. Created the lower text and inverted it horizontally and broke the bond. Then I created the lower text again and inverted it horzontally and vertically.  Prior to breaking the image apart. I set guidelines to the letter spacing.  I then changed the squished text to a different color, overlayed it on the backyard text and then manually kerned it.  If you don't break the text, it will stay on the same path.  It took several tries, but I got it spaced out to match the text above the circle.  I then broke the bond and moved the fixed text from the duplicate circle to the main image and overlayed it on the backward text, then deleted the backward text.  SUCCESS! A lot of work, but now it's over and done with and I can move on...  Did any of that make sense?

Thanks for the quick replies!


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