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Getting HALF TONES to print from HP5000N on Windows 7

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MichaelB Posted: Tue, Feb 21 2012 11:32


I've just installed an HP5000N printer on a Windows 7 Network.  I'm printing from CORELDRAW X3. (Same problem exists when using X5)  I'm using the HP UNIVERSAL print driver. (I have poth PCL & Postscript versions installed.)  

 I'm trying to use the ADVANCED Settings - which require POSTSCRIPT - with no success from either driver.  I can SEE the dialog for changing LINE SCREEN, it allows me to change line screen (i.e. 35 lpi) and Screen angle (i.e. 45 degrees)  - but when I PRINT - it give me the default printer screen of 100+ lpi.

I have also run the windows wizard and let WINDOWS search for a driver.  It selected the HP5000 PCL 6 driver.  This driver does NOT support the TABLOID (11x17) nor does it solve the no postscript functionality.   Any help would be appreciated.

DOES ANYONE have a Solution - or a work around - for getting an HP5000N to print different linescreens from X3, or X5 running on W7 platform?


Use Ghostscript/Ghostview and print to file

You can use Corel's built in PS driver to access the Advanced tab to set lpi and angles



Diane Jersey Girl

I installed Ghostscript.  Please walk me through getting it to my printer.  

In printing to file - I still have to select a printer.

I don't see GHOSTSCRIPT as a printer / device anywhere.


Michael, you won't find GS listed

In your Print dialog box, drop down and select Corel's built in Device Independent Postscript File

After selecting that printer driver,  you'll be able to access the Advanced Tab to change your lpi and screen angles, etc. etc

Print to file (save) a file with the ps extension

Open your file in Ghostview and print out your halftone seps to any printer you 'really' have.

One word of warning.

You MUST make sure your page sizes are all set up exactly the same. Your Corel page, your page in Device Independent PS file, your page in Ghostview and your page in your 'real' printer.

If anything goes wrong, that's usually where folks make their mistake

The first few times through,  the process may seem a little cumbersome............but truly, after a couple times through, it will become automatic and quick................and easy.


If you get stuck, let us know



Diane Jersey Girl


I got through the 'print to file' and made a .ps file.

When I click on Ghostprint 9.05 in my Start menu - i only get a text box.  There are no interface controls.

I dragged and dropped the file to the window and it opened it - but it was did not include the whole file.
I tried again rotating my page - but it still showed it rotated.

How do you change preferences on Ghost?  (PS - I left my toll free number on your answering machine)


Michael, did you download and install Ghostview?

Ghostscript works in the background, it's companion program Ghostview is what you should be using to view and print your files.......see my previous post






Diane Jersey Girl


I downloaded Ghost View also.

It took 5 times of trying to figure out how to get my 11x17 to print on the full sheet.  (there are TWO settings for this as you know: 1 under PRINT setup and the other under MEDIA)

I am EXCITED to find this solution because it works with EVERY printer - including inkjet printers.

In a pinch, I can now even print to my EPSON or Xerox ColorQube and get halftones!

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question!!!!

You were the only Solution I found for this out of Corel website, HP or Windows.

God's Blessings!



Glad to know that you were able to get ghostscript/gsview to work.

I need a small help. I have a PDF file which has graphics on it. I need to print it through ghostscript/gsview. I have opened the file in gsview but I am not able to select the LPI settings.

I could not find it anywere....My printer's driver does not give me this option. Its a postscript printer.

Lexmar E260DN under Windows 7 Professional..

You can't change lpi in any way I know of

If your printer is truly a PS printer, you should be able to access the advanced options in Corel to change your angles and lpi there.

If, after selecting your printer, and those options are greyed out in Corel, use Corel's built-in generic driver as described above.




Diane Jersey Girl

Actually there is a way to change LPI in GSView. When you give print command, choose Ghostscript Device. A windows opens where you can give DITHERPPI and put its value which would be your LPI value.

I hope I have been able to explain myself or else post your email so that I can explain you with screenshots.



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