Importing using Corel 2020

Morning all,

For many years I used Corel X6, now after a year or so away, I have upgraded to Corel 2020. I am falling at the first hurdle it would seem..

It wont let me import or open PDF's or ai files. I get the message " not importable using the selected filter, or this format is not supported"

Can anyone advise me if there's something I'm missing or a setting I need to change? Any help is much appreciated.



  • In Addition to my question i should add that I have downloaded Corel 2020 Essentials - the cheapest version if that helps..

  • My guess is the PDFs and AI files you're trying to import were saved using newer standards not supported by CorelDRAW. I use Adobe Creative Cloud in addition to CorelDRAW. I typically send Illustrator AI files to CorelDRAW saved down to version CS6 AI files. The newest CC versions won't work reliably. Same goes for saving in the latest version of PDF. Generally I don't even like importing PDFs into CorelDRAW, even if they were saved out of Illustrator with Illustrator editing features left intact. So many PDFs are just garbage. It's even a hassle at times opening them in Adobe Illustrator, even using Astute Graphics' Vector First Aid plugin. Most PDFs are only good for sending to a printer, not editing further in a graphics application.