Fonts not displaying or working in X3 on Windows 7

There were some patches available at one time but I'm not able to find them anymore. I have recently installed X3 on a W7 machine and have so far found everything to work fine except for an issue of half of my fonts being blank when trying to choose one from the drop down menu. Existing files with these blank fonts also come up with the fonts completely missing as if the entire set of words was deleted.  Here is the list of patches that I've heard is necessary for X3 to be compatible with W7....if anyone can find these, please share!

Below is a message from an older post:

I too have CorelDraw X3 on a Windows 7 machine, in order to get the best from it you will need to visit Corel's website
and install the following patches Service Packs and patches in this order, re-start after each:
1. CGSX3 Hot Patch1.exe
2. CGSX3SP1.msp
3. CGSX3SP2.msp
4. Font Nav Fix.msp ............. which will fix the problem with the Fonts
and then run the program in Compatibility Mode with Windows XP+SP2