Exporting to .DXF for Laser Engraver and losing fill / only getting outlines.

Hello All,

I recently switched over from using Adobe products to CorelDraw and I am having issues. I use the software exclusively to bring in images or text, trace the images or text and then export to .dxf for use with laser software. The laser is a Keyence MF-D 3100 3D Laser. It is a fiber galvo head laser and is not flexible for any type of graphic design within it's own software, hence the use of external software and converting over.

The process after exporting .dxf is importing into laser software (they call it Logo Designer, which is extremely limited) and then converting to an .MHL file. When using Adobe in the past the .dxf would bring over both the image outline and the fill, which would be dictated by black and white in Adobe. When using CorelDraw I only get the outline of the image or text. This does not allow the laser to recognize what should be engraved and only brings in the outline of the image. This would be fine for a laser cutter which is cutting something out but does not suffice for a laser engraver which uses the contrast in the file to mark density.  I have tried literally hundreds of different fill combinations before exporting and the most I can get is a few lines with the outline.

I hope this makes sense to somebody. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- John