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Problems opening .PDF files in CorelDraw 12

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PNC_LTD Posted: Thu, Apr 9 2009 4:36

Hi there, I and the company I work for are having a lot of trouble trying to get a .PDF file into CorelDraw 6 (one of us has 12 as well, but the only one everyone can use is 6, just thought I’d mention this in-case it is an issue)


We have googled .PDF to .CDR conversion but not found any solid answers.


I am currently uploading the .PDF file to as suggested by a user of this forum in an older post related to this problem, to turn it into a .PS file which I will then hopefully be able to open in CorelDraw 6 using the EPS or PS filter.


Obviously this is not an ideal solution, if it works at all.  We are looking for a programme that will make this process easy and quick, I am not sure if such a programme even exists but from my researching online I have seen the following programmes mentioned and I was wondering if anyone could confirm which one is best for our particular problem of turning .PDF files into .CDR files.


Another factor of this is that the end result needs to be as high quality an image as possible as the .PDF files in question are of highly detailed images that needs to be etched onto a stainless steel base which is being supplied to a customer with a very high standard of quality.


The programmes I have come across that may be suitable are:


Corel X3




Adobe Illustrator


I hope this is enough information in order to receive some help, thanks in advance.




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Hi, you must remember that CorelDRAW is a software of 1994, you can't use ir for a newest file format. You can open the PDF with Acrobat, and save as EPS, or import the PDF in a newest versions of CorelDRAW (x3, X4) and save as CMX 5.0 or an older version of CorelDRAW.

Ariel Garaza Díaz


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Stockholm, SWEDEN (Europe) Illustrator & Artist


Adobe Reader today is 9.0
When CorelDRAW 6.0 came out the it probably was named Acrobat Reader, and version 1.0 or as highest as 3.0 I guess. Just rambling, because both are older versions. CorelDRAW and the PDFs from the time of CorelDRAW 6.0. Considering that todays version of CorelDRAW is X4 (14), many versions later in other words.

Same goes for the CorelDRAW 12, which is an older version.

If you dont upgrade to the Latest version of CorelDRAW X4 (14) then you need to ask to get much older versions of those PDFs being sent to you. Thsi is the case when you use a Illustrator, InDesign or CorelDRAW X4.

Dont go for CorelDRAW X3 when the latest version out there is X4.
CorelDRAW X4 is way superior. It has of course all the latest updates and all.

All though many PDF documents can actually be opened with CorelDRAW X4, the PDF documents are not really made to be edited. Yes they can in many cases be edited in CorelDRAW X4, but better to save to/Publish to PDF. And make the document in/with CorelDRAW.

My suggestion would be for you to buy the upgrade to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4.
Its a very good version.


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