How do I change my shortcut keys back?

I am using CorelDraw 12. Have used it since version 4. Love the program but have run into a problem with the shortcut keys. I had been using prior version shortcut keys, version 8 as I recall. Example: F4 zoomed the screen to those items currently drawn. F3 zoomed me back to the previous screen. Now, for some reason, when I hit F4 the program creates a new, blank drawing. I seem to remember running into this problem some time ago and cannot remember how to revert back to a previous version of shortcuts. Any help?

  •  Sorry gang. Just figured out that I apparently hit the "F lock" key by accident. Everything's back to normal.

  • Hi, I have the same problem, I reset the settings but still problem with short keys but I solved it, its very simple. Just open the Option where you set the shortcut keys setting (Edit> Options>Workspace>Customization>Commands) there you click any of one object and from right side you select the Short Keys Tab, than you will see the option "Reset All". Just click on it & its done.