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Hi all!...  Am new to this site, and to Corel XP as well.   My spouse is trying to cut a vehicle graphic, that he has worked up using a customized fill background, the problem is when he mirrors it horizontally for the other side of the vehicle, the fill [mirrors] opposite.  Any suggestions, other than manually manipulating it from a clone?


Thanks for any suggestions,

Tina R.

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  • If you're in Draw, once you flip the image, fill with a uniform colour, then R-drag the object with the fill you want onto the one with the flat fill and "Copy Fill Here"

    If you're in Paint, it's a bit more work: you need to create a mask from the flipped object, move a copy of the one you want to copy the fill from so it's under the mask and roughly where you want, then get rid of the stuff outside the mask, then use clone and other tools to "fill in" the gaps in the mask so that it matches...

    (I would have thought that you would want the other side a mirror of the first side ??? Perhaps that is the problem... Hmmmm... interesting bug with texture fills: you can flip them horizontally and it flips them on the diagonal, but you can't flip them vertically... I did manage it but it involved rotating and flipping the texture using the "interactive fill" tool - try that.)

    {Edit: you can always "cheat" and make a bitmap from a copy of the object, then flip that. This bitmap could then be 'powerclipped' into a flipped shape if vector was important.}


    {Edit II: OK, texture fills and tiling are warped - you can use the "advanced" options to tic "mirror" fill, but you have to put a rotation of 180º as well (and skew of 89º.}

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