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How to fill an open path

I know there is a way to do this but for whatever reason i can't find anything about it on the internet. I am just trying to fill an open path. I know I have done this before. Situations where I have a background shape with another shape overlapping it. For instance I have a pigs head with a pink fill. The pigs ear sits on top of his head with the base of the ear overlapping the background shape that is his head. I need the outline of both shapes to be visible. However I need the ear to have the same pink fill has the head but the outline at the base of the ear is not closed. So here's what I need to happen. I need to fill the ear with the pink. so it is its own discrete object that can be moved as needed so I have an ear shape but it is not a closed path. The bottom of the ear is open. No connecting outline across the base of the ear.

I know I have found the answer to this question before But it seems I am unable to find anything this time. I know I can do it in Illustrator. And I'm equally sure I've done it before in Coreldraw X3 before.

can anyone tell me what I'm missing?

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  • use the windows snipping tool and snip a piece then save as png and post here for a visual like below

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    Actually I figured it out. It's in the "Tools" menu. "Tools" > "Customization" > " Document" > " General", check the box "Fill open curves". This will make every open curve / path in the document accept a fill.

    But thanks for the reply.
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    Drag the nodes to close the gap and use your weld tool to close the path. I put this video on YouTube a couple of years ago in response to another question, but towards the end your open path issue will be demonstrated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Fbt8YD0w3o