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Text formatting

I am working on some t-shirt designs and I need to be able to adjust letter spacing.

It's been some time since the last time I did this but I seem to remember having this option in a pallet on the right side of my screen / work area.

I have the Character Formatting pallet open but the only options I see there are a dropdown "Character Shift" with three options ... Angle, Horizontal Shift, and

Vertical Shift. All of which are grayed out.

Is there something I'm missing?

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  • Hello ronc0011; I never had X3, but that part of the layout is probably the same. I have added the below to a tool bar.

    the left one is the letter spacing, the center is for word spacing, and the third is for line spacing. If you have all three on a tool bar you can change any of them when you want.


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    I have that tool bar but it doesn't have the spacing options. It does however have a toggle to turn on or off the Character Formatting palette where the grayed out " Character Shift" section with Angle, Horizontal Shift, and Vertical Shift. What I don't understand is; Why is the Character Shift portion grayed out?
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    OK I finally got it. Its under the Paragraph Formatting palette.