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My project is in Landscape (8½ by 11) with its binding running horizontally. Similar to a wall calendar that has a photgraph on the upper page and the month on the lower. Unlike a calendar, however, some of my two-page spreads include a single image or text box covering both pages. Is it possible to have facing pages on the screen? (I tried the ordinary facing pages mode---Portrait---but everthing is rotated 90° on the screen and tilting my head was unpleasent.  


Ron Lindow 


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  • I'm not sure if I understand question 100% but here is my answer. Well you can go to Arrange/Transformation and then rotate your picture cw or ccw so you won't have to tilt your head or you can double click the picture and rotate it manualy by moving the mouse over the corner when double arrows will show and then move it to the side. You will see that your mouse ponter will change into circle with arrows. (if it does not allow you to do that, you will need to change the bitmap file and import it again). The only problem you will have, they will not fit on the page anymore after rotating. Unfortunatelly corel will not allow you to have first page portrait and second landscape so you have to make it work on all your designs with the appropriate size of the page. Be carefull when printing project, corell will crop anything that will not fit on the page.

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    Thank you, but that isn't quite what I want to do. I'm familiar with rotaing, by either using Transition > Rotation or by clicking the selected object so curved arrows appear. But what I want to do is display two consecutive pages as facing pages. But not as a left and right page, but as an upper and lower page. Both in Landscape.

    Ron Lindow 

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    It might help us find you a work around if we knew what you are attempting to do. Are you trying to layout items across two pages? Are these two pages facing (consecutively number pages) or will they match up due to page imposition?

    When faced with this problem, I usually create a double-sized (height in your case) page and build the entire thing at once. Then I create two rectangles the size of each of the finished pages individually. I then Powerclip the facing page design into each of the rectangles. Now I have two versions (a top and a bottom) which (in theory) should match seamlessly. These rectangular powerclips can then be placed on the respective pages in the document and when you print they should match up.

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    Yeah! That should work. Although I've never used PowerClip (I don't even know what it is. But I can read up on it) I understand that you're recommending that I create a workspace 17 inches high and 11 inches wide......I just did that: in the Paper Type/Size selector, I set Tabloid. Then I read about a woman who has been chewing the same stick of gum for 40 years and an eight-year old girl who gave birth to a 12-year old boy and...no wait, that's another kind of tabloid. My page is now 17 by 11. Then I set a horizontal guideline at 8½ inches to divide it into two pages. This should work! Thanks. Ron Lindow