VSTA not working in 2018

Been struggling for weeks to get VSTA working with CoreDRAW2018.  As instructions detail,  I have Visual Studio 2017 installed, after which I installed VSTA2017, I've tried modifying the CorelDRAW installation with no success.   If it gives you a tip,  the modification shows both VB and VSTA checked but the VSTA is greyed out.

Double clicking on the default macro1 shows the "blank" window but  selection Edit from the rt click menu does nothing.

Tools>Macros>VSTA Editor... shows error box "Failed to load VSTA";  click OK in that error box gives another error box  giving detailed order of installation which I've tried several times.

I've used VBA in CorelDRAW since v.10 and would love use some of the new features in VS2017.

Any help appreciated.