Macro for Exporting JPG

Hello, im trying to make a macro with zero knowledge about script.

The purpose of the macro is to export JPG to same folder location as CDR file, named with size (width & Height). ( and maybe, adding a custom text is pretty cool)

my intial design is in scale size 1:10 (ex. for 1 meter design, im designing in 10 cm)

setting for my export is

  • CMYK color
  • Anti-aliased Check
  • Use Document Color Setting
  • 70% Quality
  • 1000 % transformation
  • resolution 72 Dpi

for file name usually i'll do

"custom text (280-340-kr)" - Width size x Height size - "custom text (mta-lp-etc)"

How do make code with setting above ?

Here's code that i took form this forum (code from Shelby Moore and Mek) and i'm trying to edit, but failed hehe.

Sub ExportJPEGCMYK()

    Dim OrigSelection As ShapeRange
    Set OrigSelection = ActiveSelectionRange
    Dim expopt As StructExportOptions
    ActiveDocument.Unit = cdrCentimeter

    Set expopt = CreateStructExportOptions
    fnp = ActiveDocument.FilePath
    dn = Left$(ActiveDocument.FileName, Len(ActiveDocument.FileName) - 4) & ".jpg"
    Dim expflt As ExportFilter
    Set expflt = ActiveDocument.ExportEx(fnp + dn, cdrJPEG, cdrSelection, expopt)

    With expflt
    .AntiAliasingType = cdrNormalAntiAliasing
    .ImageType = cdrCMYKColorImage
    .Overwrite = True
    .ResolutionX = 72
    .ResolutionY = 72
    .SizeX = expopt.ResolutionX * ActiveSelectionRange.SizeWidth
    .SizeY = expopt.ResolutionY * ActiveSelectionRange.SizeHeight
    End With

End Sub