Reload default printer parameter

I try to send direct with the command a laser cut file to the laser.

This works fine, but after Corel is started, i cannot edit the default printer file. (In this S400.Def file is written the paramters like laser power, page size and so )
And i need to edit this file with my application. I would like to override the printer popup menu. and send it out directly.

My code is:

private const string Path_S400 = @"C:\Users\Public\S400.Def";

var result = corelApp.ActiveDocument.PrintSettings.Load(Path_S400);  // result is true
string selectedPrtinter = Printers_ComboBox.SelectedItem.ToString();

After i edited and saved the S400.Def file i need to restart corel for updating. My questions is, maybe corel load the parameters to a special memory? Or maybe we can simulate a reload?