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Looking through the documentation, it seems much is quite outdated. There also seems to be gaps, and many tutorials don't fully cover any specific topic. Are there other resources out there?

I am using VSTA with C#, and the Corel Technical Suite.

I have been able to piece together some examples, but mainly from reverse engineering replies to irrelevant posts that also contained what I was looking for. I've looked over Stackoverflow, and done many searches on the net with no success. 

1. Is there a list of all of the icons for menu items? I see they are called out by the col and row, but don't see a single bmp that contains all of them. There also isn't any discussion on adding custom icons. I'm assuming this can be achieved in C#. 

2. When launching VSTA editor, I get the VSTAGlobal project. Is there any documentation on integrating the code with functions? It appears I'd reference the functions for a menu button  from dynamicCommand, but I'm not entirely sure about the syntax. namespace.class.method? 

3. I use VS 2022, but quickly found that VSTA is no longer supported. Luckily, I have a license for both 2022 and 2019 so I've swapped back over. Is anyone aware if Corel is working on a new API that functions with current IDE? On a similar note, things like the CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER Tool Addon no longer appear to exist, and cannot be found in the online extensions. 

4. In the creating a custom tool article, it indicates that the Addon.cs file is the entry point for the dll. However, it doesn't indicate if this is always the case.

Any help is much appreciated. I know there are some people who have hammered this all out, and are working happily in C# and VSTA. I just need a little help getting the correct documentation to get up to speed.

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