CutContour Issue - I Have Tried Everything

CutContour has been working fine for months with no issues before this morning.  I have tried: Reinstalling the Roland Color Profiles, created my own CutContour, Cleaned out Temp Files, made sure the exports both PFD and EPS were not converting away from Spot Colors, it's not a layering issue. Tried all the VersaWorks work arounds (opening as admin, ect).  

The issue is that when I create a new file, make CutContour outline (hairline, ect), export it out either as PDF or EPS it won't work in VersaWorks.  The CutContour shows up as a whiteline.

The WEIRD thing is, I can open an old file that has CutContour - No Issues with the CutContour when exporting it out.  I can copy the CutContour from an old working file, paste it into the new file and it works fine BUT the new outline does not show up.  Everything on both objects are exactly the same, only for some reason the pasted in old one works, new one does not.

Can anyone offer any insight into what might be happening?  I have been troubleshooting it all day.