Used font sizes are not shown in the font size drop down menu of Corel Draw 2018

When I used a non-standard font size in Corel Draw X8 (e.g. 10.5), the font size was shown in the drop down menu and could be easily selected for other text in the same document. In Corel Draw 2018, the used font sizes are not shown in the drop down menu any more. Is there a possibility to activate this functionality in Corel Draw 2018?

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  • This behavior is a huge inconvenience for me also. I have to manage a lot of separate artistic text particles in one document and they have to be adjusted in different, suitable sizes. Now it takes a lot of time to adjust every point size separately, say something between 7 and 20 pts. I hope that in the near future I can select the once used font size, what ever it is, just from the size selector and not to type it again and again. VERY frustrating and time consuming, as time is money.